Wondering what the law is in your state?

Marijuana laws are changing at a rapid pace across all 50 states, making things a bit confusing at times. In order to keep up with the ever-changing laws, DISA has provided this interactive map for information on legalization, medical use, recreational use, and anything in between.

Are you wondering what the marijuana laws are in your state?

This marijuana legalization map clearly defines the laws in each state and remains up-to-date with the latest changes on a monthly basis. It’s important to understand and respect the rules that vary across the U.S. regarding marijuana use, and whether you’re a visiting tourist, or a resident the following information will help you steer clear of any misunderstandings or trouble. Scroll over each state to learn more about their individual legalization laws.

Last Updated: June 2019

  • Legalized
  • Medical and decriminalized
  • Medical
  • Decriminalized
  • Fully illegal
StateLegal StatusMedicinalDecriminalizedState Laws
AlabamaFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
AlaskaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
ArizonaMixedYesNoView State Laws
ArkansasMixedYesNoView State Laws
CaliforniaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
ColoradoFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
ConnecticutMixedYesReducedView State Laws
DelawareMixedYesReducedView State Laws
District of ColumbiaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
FloridaMixedYesNoView State Laws
GeorgiaMixedCBD OilNoView State Laws
HawaiiMixedYesNoView State Laws
IdahoFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
IllinoisMixedYesReducedView State Laws
IndianaMixedCBD OilNoView State Laws
IowaMixedCBD OilNoView State Laws
KansasFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
KentuckyFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
LouisianaMixedYesNoView State Laws
MaineFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
MarylandMixedYesReducedView State Laws
MassachusettsFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
MichiganFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
MinnesotaMixedYesReducedView State Laws
MississippiFully IllegalNoReducedView State Laws
MissouriMixedYesReducedView State Laws
MontanaMixedYesNoView State Laws
NebraskaFully IllegalNoReducedView State Laws
NevadaFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
New HampshireMixedYesReducedView State Laws
New JerseyMixedYesNoView State Laws
New MexicoMixedYesReducedView State Laws
New YorkMixedYesReducedView State Laws
North CarolinaFully IllegalNoReducedView State Laws
North DakotaMixedYesReducedView State Laws
OhioMixedYesReducedView State Laws
OklahomaMixedYesNoView State Laws
OregonFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
PennsylvaniaMixedYesNoView State Laws
Rhode IslandMixedYesReducedView State Laws
South CarolinaFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
South DakotaFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
TennesseeFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
TexasMixedCBD OilNoView State Laws
UtahMixedYesNoView State Laws
VermontFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
VirginiaMixedCBD OilNoView State Laws
WashingtonFully LegalYesYesView State Laws
West VirginiaMixedYesNoView State Laws
WisconsinFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws
WyomingFully IllegalNoNoView State Laws