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Do you have questions about the OilXGreen THC extraction system? Check here for answers to common questions.

Has anyone done a review of your product?

Yes, The people of did a couple of reviews but their site is now down. We encourage all users to write a review.

I know nothing about concentrates or extracts, where can I find out more information?

You can find a great 4 part article on marijuana concentrates, oils and extracts HERE.

Have you had the oil tested for residual solvents?

Yes we have. We had our oil tested for residual solventes by Steep Hill in Oakland California. We did a quick purge using only hot water and stirring. Steep Hill measured the residual Pentane to be 3100 parts per million. Pentane is rated safe at 5000 parts per million. With a little additional heat and stirring you can easily decrease the residual solvent significantly. View the test pdf below.

Why do you use Pentane instead of other solvents?

Pentane is a mild solvent it boils at 98 degrees farenheidt. It is non-toxic at realativly high levels. Besides the safety concerns Pentane will not pull most of the unwanted elements from the marijuana.

Does your system improve the quality of the concentrate?

NO it does not. The OilXGreen system does not increase the THC or CBD levels in any way. Our system only extracts and concentrates the THC from cannabis flower tops. The better quality marijuana does not produce better quality concentrates but it will produce more.

I've never heard of pentane extraction. Why doesn't anybody else use pentane?

Technicaly you can use almost any solvent to extract THC. We chose Pentane because of the low boiling point and it's ease of recycling.

Do other systems recycle their solvents?

Some of them do and some of them do not. Please stay away from the systems that do not. Your children will thank you.

Can you extract other oils besides those made from cannabis?

Yes you can. Our system will work to extract most any oil/concentrates.

Can you extract CBD oils from hemp plants? I do not want to get high!

Yes you can. Our system will work great for extracting CBDs. You should get a plant that has a high CBD level and low THC.

Will your system extract all the oils in just one run?

You can but it is not the best way to get your concentrates.

What other types of THC extractions are there and how do they compare to the OilXGreen?

Solvent Extractions

Solvents have different properties such as polarities and water solubility. which will pull different elements from the marijuana plant. This will affect the flavor, consistency and color of your extracts. Most solvents are flammable and can be explosive. Solvents will remove most all of the cannabinoids from marijuana while leaving more plant material than non-solvent methods. This results in a very clean and pure flavor. Due to solvent selectivity, your extractions can have very high THC and terpene levels. A skilled extracter with the right equioment can remove most of the terpenes to create extracts with close to 100% THC levels. Creating high-quality solvent based extractions depends on proper purging of the solvent. As there are a wide variety of solvents used for thc extraction, such as pentane, butane and hexane. Their different boiling points make some solvents easier to purge than others. Here is a look at the three most popular solvents besides Pentane in use today.

(BHO) Butane Honey Oil or Butane Hash Oil

This process is common in the fragrance and food industries, butane extraction has become very popular in the commercial market because of the potency and terpene retention achieved, as well as its relative ease of use. A simplified BHO extraction simply involves putting your mariuana in a column with a filter on one end and spraying butane through the cannabis to extract the THC. This method can produce oil testing at almost 80 percent THC. However, if you do a search on BHO explosions you will discover that BHO extractions can be very dangerous. A closed-loop system is required to minimize the fire dangers and these systems are very expensive. Extract artists purge the concentrate in a vacuum oven, while keeping the temperature low enough to retain the desired terpenes. Some extractors will mix their butane with up to 20% propane, as this will pull a different mix of terpenes and a more complete THC extraction.

This is a different system then the OilXGreen system. If you do not purchase a closed loop system you will put yourself in extreme danger when in use. Closed loop systems are much safer but they have a large cost to purchase. Any system will require a vacume pump and oven to properly purge. Closed loop systems are designed for commercial use and not for the home user.

CO2 (Carbon dioxide) Oil

In order to use CO2 for THC extraction, it must be kept in a high pressure container in order to create a supercritical fluid. This fluid keeps the cannabis chamber full like a gas, but with the density of a liquid as it flows through the marijuana. CO2 extraction equipment can be expensive, and are enormous in size in order to handle the high pressures used in these systems. Due to the low temperatures used the wash will produce a slurry similar to a frosty. CO2's extremely low boiling point (–56°F) makes purging the solvent very easy. A low-temprature purge will remove the water content resulting in an extract that has a thinner consistency. Due to it's final consistency, CO2 oil is often used for prefilled e-pen cartridges.

The differences in a CO2 and the OilXGreen system are obvious, the cost and the size of the equipment. Both systems are closed-looped and are capable of producing high quality extracts. The CO2 system also requires a vacume oven to achieve a complete purge.

Isopropyl Oil/Quick-Wash ISO

Isopropyl alcohol is water-soluble and has a high polarity, unfortunatly this also makes it one of the least selective solvents. Using well dried and cured marijuana can help decrease the amount of water and chlorophyll pulled from the cannabis. “ISO oil,” as it is often called, is created by filling a container with marijuana and soaking it in isopropyl alcohol. The marijuana is soaked anywhere from a minute to a few hours. The solvent is then strained into a seperate container. The remaining solvent is then purged in a vacuum oven by raising the temperature to (181°F) its boiling point. You will need to keep it at this temperature for anywhere between several hours to a couple of days.

This is very similar to the OilXGreen system except you do not need a vacum oven to purge the solvent. Due to the fact you are using solvents in the porocess your vacum pump will require a lot of maintenance. You should be aware that many ISO systems do not recycle the solvent adding to your expense.

Pentane boils at a low temperature, do I need a special storage unit?

The best way to keep your Pentane safe is to keep it cool. A simple refrigerator is all you need.

Where can I buy Pentane?

Many Graingers stores sell Pentane. Your local chemical supply store will carry Pentane. We order ours at --

The price for 4 liters works out to around $150.00. The 20 liter barrel is only $400.00 or so but is hard to work with. I use a siphon to move the Pentane to liter sized bottles when I get the barrel.

Are the componets in your system FDA quality safe?

Yes, all our components are FDA food grade quality and will give you a lifetime of service.

How long do you warranty your system?

Besides broken bottles your system should last forever.

Will I need to buy anything else to use your system?

NO! Besides Pentane we give you everything you need to start makeing THC concentrates in our kit.

Is it legal to make marijuana concentrates anywhere?

NO it is not. You should check your local laws to make sure you do not end up in jail.

What other questions should I ask?

Good Question. If you have any other questions about makeing marijuana concentrates at home using the OilXGreen THC extraction system please let us know.

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