Hash Oil Maker

See a Video Demonstration of the OilXGreen THC Extraction System

Watch the video to learn how easy it is to make hash oil at home. This short video will show you exactly how you can create cannabis concentrates at home, safely and easily.

The OilXGreen system is maufactured in the USA using food quality components and USA labor.The only exception is the German Engineered stainless steel tubing.

THC Extraction System

OilXGreen Full Kit

The OilXGreen Full Kit gives you everything you need (except Pentane and Marijuana) to start extracting THC today. We will provide you with 1 Stainless steel tubing with atached lids, 3 wide mouth half gallon mason jars, 1 soaking jar lid, 1 ceramic funnel and 3 filters, 2 plastic buckets, 1 stainless steel blow tube and 1 petri dish.


$299.95 - Buy Now

THC Extraction System

OilXGreen Bare Metal Kit

Order the Bare Metal System to save more. We will provide you with 1 Stainless steel tubing with atached lids, 1 soaking jar lid and 1 blow tube. Many of the components in our system can be purchased locally or you may have around the house. You will need to provide wide mouth mason jars, funnel and filters, buckets or similar containers and petri dish.


$149.95 - Buy Now

Recover and Reuse Your Pentane - Save Your Money

With a little care you can recover 95% of your pentane saving you thousands of dollars while protecting the well being of your community.
Pentane Recovery

Our Mission

We designed the OilXGreen extraction system to give the home crafts person the ability to safely and easily create their own high quality cannabis concentrates.