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Instructions For Making Hash Oil

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Using The OilXGreen Pentane Recovery System

  • Use Outdoors In A Well Ventilated Area
  • Do Not Use Intoxicants While Operating
  • No Open Flames
  • Use Only With n-Pentane or iso-Pentane
  • Have An ABC Fire Extinguisher Available
  • Please watch video at

  1. Step 1: Place source material in an empty jar then chill in a freezer.
  2. Step 2: Carefully pour cold Pentane into jar that contains chilled source material. 1qt of Pentane to 1oz of source material is a good starting ratio. A soak of approximately 45 minutes typically extracts the majority of the desired oils.
  3. Step 3: Strain the mixture into a second jar using the Buchner Funnel and a disk of #42 Filtration paper. Pre-wet the paper with a bit of Pentane as it helps seal the paper against the funnel. Each filtration disk can typically be reused several times.
  4. Step 4: Attach the Pentane recovery jar onto the “Cold” coiled end of the OilXGreen. Carefully attach the mixture jar to the “Hot” end of the OilXGreen. Confirm that the caps are correctly attached and not cross threaded. Then confirm again. This step is important.
  5. Step 5: Place buckets on the stabilization board. Place the assembled rig into the two buckets.
  6. Step 6: Stretch the attached rubber O-Ring to the hook in the middle of the stabilization board. This will keep the rig from floating when water is poured into the buckets.
  7. Step 7: Fill bucket with ice cubes and water. The process takes about 45 minutes so typically a few trays of cubes are required. Fill bucket until water has covered the coil and then a bit more.

    WARNING!! Pay Attention!! This is IMPORTANT!!!

    Check Before Proceeding
    If the mixture jar has FROZEN condensed water on the outside, it is TOO COLD. Let the jar warm until any condensed water on the outside of the jar is liquid. Near boiling water will be poured into the “Hot” Bucket. If the mixture jar is TOO COLD the jar could CRACK due to THERMAL SHOCK.
  8. Step 8: Carefully pour hot water into the “Hot” Bucket. It helps to place a towel over the “Hot” bucket as it speeds the recovery process considerably. It is OK to add more Hot Water as thing proceed. No matter how hot the water is, the Pentane will never exceed 98°Farenheight. The trick is to stop adding heat to the system a few minutes prior to being done. That way, the water temp will be cooling down, (ideally below 160°Farenheight), just as the Pentane left in the boiling jar is only a few grams. If one spaces out, nothing bad will happen to the concentrate. Using a pot and constantly adding heat, (no flames, I’d use an induction heating system if I were really in a hurry), will of course work but doing so defeats the inherent fail-safe nature of the passive heated water method.
  9. Step 9: Pentane boils at 98° Fahrenheit. Boil the Pentane and Extracted Oil mixture until the bubbles become thick. There should only be a few grams of Pentane left in the boiling jar. If boiled too long, the remaining mixture will be too thick to poor. Not to worry if that happens. Just add a few grams of Pentane to loosen things up.
  10. Step 10: Remove rig from both buckets. Unscrew the “Hot” end and set jar aside. Use the supplied “J” tube to blow out the Pentane that remains in the condensing coil. Carefully pour recovered Pentane into the container it came from.
  11. Step 11: Pour the mixture into the supplied Petri dish. Set the dish in a warm spot with a fan blowing across it. A heat source can be used to speed the purging process but for the most part temps should stay below 130°Fahrenheit so as to preserve the quality of the extract.