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We recieved this email from one of our customers.

Been using the system for a few weeks now, and loving it. I’ve cleaned up poorly filtered concentrates, extracted directly from flowers, and even cleaned a few grinders/bowls with the system with awesome results! 

Reclaiming pentane is probably the most fundamental benefit to the closed loop system, and after maybe a dozen or so extractions, I still have about 400ml left of the initial Liter purchased when first getting the system. 

There is a tip in the instruction manual that comes with the system (the manual should honestly be on the website, great info) that says to triple check your seal and the threading of the lids to ensure no gas will escape. I have only messed this up once and thankfully nothing was lost, but this is the ONLY fail point of the system and it’s only susceptible to user error. 

I cannot say enough about how great it is to extract at home with such little effort and time. Now that I have the process down, it’s about an hour from the fridge to pure extract. The manual says use a towel to keep the heat in on the hot side, another fabulous tip, and this makes things go by VERY FAST. 

The passivity of just using heated water is great, you know the temperature can only go down from there, and you can hit just the right temp (even constantly boiling water is only 212 degrees, much lower than any terpene boiling point) to remove your solvent and not disturb the product. Now that i have things down, I evaporate nearly all the pentane and then take some reclaimed solvent to loosen up the hot side, just enough to get things moving and then quickly pour onto parchment paper covering the included petri dish. It’s damn near impossible to get all the extract off the dish once the pentane purges, but with paper and another 15-20 minutes on a candle warmer with a fan blowing, the purge process is quick and easy too. You may have to come by with a dab tool and poke some of the bubbles as you go, just to move things along. 

Anyway I love the system since so much is thought out already and with easy to obtain household items. I have seen some online scoff at the pricing but they must not have done the math. With all the stuff included and the specially shaped steel piping, it would be hard to find a way to make these materials much cheaper. And either way, you’re taking the time to build it all which is something often overlooked in DIY costs. I’m far more interested in extracting oils than I am bending steel, sourcing fittings, and engineering just the right design to handle all the needs of the build. 

Thanks for this system! It’s a great addition to the DIY extraction community

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